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Weddings on the Mind

Putting mental health first in the wedding industry

Perfection is a Myth...

By modefor, Jan 31 2020 03:52PM

Perfection is a myth, but if we aim for improvement we can catch excellence along the way.

In the wedding industry we feel everything has to be “perfect” but the reality is there is no such thing as perfect and the constant strive for it can seriously impact our mental health with issues such as imposter syndrome, anxiety and depression.

Work on your own personal confidence and resilience and constantly develop your professional skills and knowledge. This consistent work will boost your self-confidence and help with better mental health.

You are unique and the only person that does what you do in the way that you do it. Have confidence and enjoy every moment of what you do and remember to balance work and looking after yourself and looking after yourself must come first.

Much love

Tabby xxx

Photo by Kathryn Widdowson (Photography by Kathryn)

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