The MF Buzz

The MF Buzz has been developed by Mode for...Events Director, Tabby, to coach, assist, motivate, inspire and advise people in their lives and careers.

Tabby uses her experience of being both a professional musician and developing her own successful wedding and events company to help inspire, motivate and challenge you.

With personal experience of creating a diverse business and facing and overcoming challenges, Tabby has been successfully helping other entrepreneurs, creatives and go-getters develop their businesses by working on strategy, confidence and performance and is on a  mission to create your happy!


Tabby's key focus points are:

•Confidence, mindset, communication and performance.

•Finding inspiration and banishing frustrations. Being your best self and dealing with the negative influences of others.

•Being productive and not just busy.

•Being disciplined, strategic and methodical and taking action.

•Creating a relaxed, flexible lifestyle which focuses on being wealthy and successful not just rich.

•Working on your business and not just in it.

•Stress and time management and finding a balance between work and private life.

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